Craig Moore

B.App.Sci. MClinT(R)

PhD candidate, Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Australia


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research interests and skills

    My PhD is an examination of the headache features and healthcare needs of chiropractic headache patients in relation to current approaches to headache management provided by chiropractors from the perspective of public health and health services. My other research projects have included examination of factors that influence patient and practitioner decision-making regarding the management of neck pain, low back pain and headache disorders


    Ongoing research

    • Chiropractic management of common recurrent headaches: Analysis of a nationally representative survey of chiropractors.
    • Use of Non-Thrust Mobilisation of the Cervical Spine for Neck Pain: A Survey of Australian Chiropractors.
    • The prevalence and burden of headache disorders found in chiropractic patient populations.
    • The profile of chiropractors managing patients with low back-related leg pain: Analyses of 1907 chiropractors from the ACORN practice-based research network
    • Physical activity endorsement by Australian chiropractors: Analyses of the ACORN practice-based research network

    Research publications

    • Adams J, Steel A, Moore C, Amorin-Woods L, Sibbritt D: Establishing the ACORN National Practitioner Database: Strategies to Recruit Practitioners to a National Practice-Based Research Network. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 39:594-602. [Download here]
    • Sibbritt D, Lauche R, Sundberg T, Peng W, Moore C, Broom A, Kirby E, Adams J: Severity of back pain may influence choice and order of practitioner consultations across conventional, allied and complementary health care: a cross-sectional study of 1851 mid-age Australian women. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2016; 17:393. [Download here]
    • Hall H, Cramer H, Sundberg T, Ward L, Adams J, Moore C, Sibbritt D, Lauche R: The effectiveness of complementary manual therapies for pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Medicine. 2016; 95:1-10. [Download here]
    • Moore C, Sibbritt D, Adams J: A critical review of manual therapy use for headache disorders: Prevalence, profiles, motivations, communication.  BMC Neurology Vol 17 Issue 1 p61. [Download here]
    • Zhang, Y., Dennis, J.A., Leach, M.J. Bishop, F.L. Cramer, H., Chung, V., Moore, C.,Lauche, R., Cook, R., Sibbritt, D. 2017, ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among US Adults With Headache or Migraine: Results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey’, Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain