CARL Research Fellows
CARL Research Fellows
Developing research capacity and leadership in chiropractic



Invited Talks and Interviews


Presented CARL Program at the ELIB Conference, Norway and facilitated a “CARL Style” workshop. Led by: Andreas Eklund

Presented the results from the Nordic Maintenance Care program at IFEC in Toulouse and Paris. Led by: Andreas Eklund

Podcast interviews

BACKchat Podcast: Craig Moore

Chiropractic Science Podcast: Katie de Luca, Craig Moore, Diana de Carvalho, Andreas Eklund, Katie Pohlman

CCGI Podcast: Martha Funabashi, Katie Pohlman

Council and Board Membership

Council and Board Memberships

  • Chair of the scientific council of the Swedish Chiropractic Association, Andreas Eklund

  • Research Chair of Sports Chiropractic Australia, Katie de Luca

  • Executive Member, Chiropractic Australia, Michael Swain

  • Committee Member, Pain Management Clinical Interest Group (PMCIG), Michael Swain

  • Director, Chiropractic Research Limited (a funding body associated with Chiropractic Australia), Katie de Luca

  • Member of the Society for Low Back Pain, Alex Breen

  • Vice-president of the Hong Kong Association for Dance Medicine and Sciences, Arnold Wong

  • Vice-president of the American Chiropractor’s Association (ACA) Women’s Health Council, Katie Pohlman

Editorial Boards

Editorial Board Membership

• Editorial committee member of Chiropractic and Manual Therapies Journal, Diana De Carvalho, Katie de Luca and Martha Funabashi

• Editorial committee member of Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, Diana De Carvalho and Katie Pohlman

• Editorial committee member of the Journal for Contemporary Chiropractic, Katie Pohlman

• Editorial committee member of the ACFAS (Association Francophone pour le Savoir) magazine entitled Découvrir, Isabelle Pagé

• Editorial committee member of Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal, Arnold Wong and Martha Funabashi

• Guest associate editor of a special theme entitled “Neurophysiological changes and low back pain” in Frontiers in Neuroscience, Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers in Neurology, and Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, Arnold Wong

• Special issue on “Managing Musculoskeletal Conditions” in the Advances in Integrative Medicine. Guest editors: Katie Pohlman and Jan Hartvigsen


Women in Chiropractic Research Mentorship Group

The goal is to create a mentorship group as a resource for the unique complexities that can present for female chiropractors at various stages of their research career – from graduate student to clinician and to scientist. Led by: Diana De Carvalho.

Research Conveners

AECC UC Research Conveners

In an effort to nurture a growing research culture within the AECC University college, 3 new institutional Research Centers alongside the existing Centre of Biomechanics Research have been formed. CARL fellows will be acting as research convener to assist internal and external parties to engage the AECC UC research centers. Led by: Alex Breen and Michelle Holmes

Australian Chiropractors Association Research Conveners

Convener of the Australian Chiropractors Association national conference research symposium, Tasmania, Australia, October 2018. Led by: Craig Moore