CARL Research Fellows
CARL Research Fellows
Developing research capacity and leadership in chiropractic


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CARL II is now accepting applications

Principles of CARL

The Chiropractic Academy of Research Leadership (CARL) Program is a grassroots initiative about positive, forward-looking, credible academic leadership within chiropractic. It aims to link promising early/mid stage career researchers who are dedicated to developing high-quality evidence regarding chiropractic as well as a global research network. CARL facilitates training on a range of mentoring, leadership, networking and research-specific skills relevant to early/mid-career researchers.



CARL fellows coordinate their research efforts to build an evidence base to inform practitioners, patients, and policymakers, through development of new collaborative projects and project funding and dissemination via peer-review publications, conferences and community-based engagement.


CARL fellows have a broad range of perspectives beyond the chiropractic profession. CARL aims to foster this multi-disciplinary collaboration  in chiropractic research. 


CARL provides a supportive and productive environment for early career researchers. Three senior health researchers act as CARL mentors providing direct mentorship, support and advice to CARL fellows regarding their research focus, strategic development and career pathway. 


CARL fellows and mentors work to develop an infrastructure to facilitate strategic research direction, growth and sustainability for future investigators.

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CARL Fellows

The first cohort of the CARL program was selected in 2016 and consists of 13 early career leaders from 5 professions in 7 countries who represent diverse
areas of interests of high relevance for chiropractic

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CARL Activity


Research Projects

CARL fellows collaborate on a catalogue of multi-disciplinary research projects. There are currently over 20 ongoing projects.


CARL fellows take part in numerous leadership activities to promote chiropractic research and strategy

research outputs

CARL projects are disseminated via peer-review publications, and professional
and research conferences



february 2018

"In an evidence-based health care environment, healthcare professions require a sustainable research culture to remain relevant. At present however, there is not a mature research culture across the chiropractic profession largely due to deficiencies in research capacity and leadership, which may be caused by a lack of chiropractic teaching programs in major universities. As a response to this challenge the Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership, CARL, was created with the aim of develop a global network of successful early-career chiropractic researchers under the mentorship of three successful senior academics from Australia, Canada, and Denmark"

Adams, J. Kawchuk, G. Breen, A. et al.,   / Read Full Article